A Little Help From My “FRIENDS”


If you know me well, you know that I am a planner. With this in mind, you can understand that as I sit here with my last days at Wacousta Elementary dwindling down, I am a tad freaking out about what my future may hold. School starts up again three short months and I just want to know that I too will be along for the ride.

It is not like I have been preparing. I have thrown my resume and applications out for all to see. I have applied to jobs that would be the dream, I have applied to jobs that would be a nice back-up, and I have applied to jobs that I could not see myself teaching – but practice is practice.

With this job hunt obsession, I have had some amazing opportunities to interview for some outstanding districts and teaching positions. So far, I have interviewed for six school districts. This includes two phone interviews, five in-person interviews, and one second interview. Out of these interviews, some I have yet to hear back from, some have told me that have moved on to other candidates, and the others I still have the hopes of someone saying, “Yes, we will help you. You’re poor”.

I hope that the first stage of this interviewing process is over. From the past two weeks, my cheeks hurt from smiling and talking about myself too much. I want to know that come Fall I will have a classroom I am happy to call my own. This process has been tolerable strictly because of the amazing support I have been receiving from family, friends, and the teachers within Grand Ledge Public Schools. Past teachers of mine have been looking out for me with constant positivity and advice. Present teachers, who I have come to know and work with daily, have also given me good words and have connections with some amazing people and school districts.

Through this process I have had some interviews that did not go as well and some where I left feeling really confident in how I portrayed myself. It all comes down to the fit you have with the school. You want to give them the best of you, and if they want that – THEN GREAT! If not, why would you want to be working for a school district that does not value your extraordinary personality?

I can say one thing, I might have once closed with “this teaching position would be the bomb” – but I have never accidentally kissed an interviewer and/or wrongfully accused them of potential harassment.

At least not yet (;