A Little About Me

Hello! My name is Alexandra Briggs. I am a proud Central Michigan University Alumnus and will forever, FIRE UP CHIPS! I graduated in December of 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education with a focus on Social Studies, Mathematics, and Middle Level Education.

I currently teach third grade at Beagle Elementary School in Grand Ledge, MI. This is my first year of teaching and I am finding it is as nerve-racking, yet equally exciting as everyone says. I am a part of an amazing team of third grade teachers who I am very excited to partake on this journey with.


Fotor0330212614I grew up in this semi-small town of Grand Ledge, Michigan. Here, I have wonderful
parents, Gary and Michelle, who have raised me to become the strong, determined, goal-oriented person I am today. My younger brother, Garrison, has been someone that I can rely on to keep me grounded and to constantly remind me not to take life so seriously. Oscar, my loving Labrador, is always there for a good hug and a lick on the face. My family is my constant support system. They all have played a part in making me enjoy life to the fullest and have taught me that laughter conquers all.

I created “Perks of Being an Educator” to document my experiences, my insights into these experiences, and overall my reflections to conintue on growing as a person and an educator. I hope you find humor in my everyday happenings and enjoy my posts!

Please continue on to my blog: Perks of Being an Educator 


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