Things I “Stole” This Week // Ed. 4

So I was off my game last week with the start of my new job and finding my fit. Now, since I am not spending time in different classes everyday, my things to steal are minimal – but I will try my best to continue what I started!

How-to-Draw Videos

IMG_5610I was walking in the hall past a second grade class and I saw these drawings of Yoda on the wall. I was super impressed as to how second graders were able to construct such masterpieces so I went in and talked to the teacher. She said that one day they didn’t have library at the last minute. She had about 15 minutes to kill without any prepared lesson plans. With this, she pulled up YouTube, gave every student a piece of printer paper, and just sat back to watch the magic happen.

The YouTube channel is called ‘Cartooning 4 Kids’ and has so many different characters kids know and it explained how to draw them. This artist breaks it down into simple, slow steps for kids of all ages to be able to follow along to.

As you can see, the outcome was super impressive. It kept kids focused, engaged, and overall increasing fine motor skills and learning a skill that is not often taught – drawing! Also, they had a blast and have pride in their work 🙂


Good News Twitter Wall

This was something I found in a fourth grade classroom, but can be implemented in older grades as well. This teacher had laminated strips of computer paper in three columns on a bulletin board. Any student could write a good news tweet on these papers to be displayed for everyone to see that comes into that class that day. It is a great way to know your kids and for students to take pride in their good news! It also adds character to your classroom which is awesome.


Biography Projects

This was in a fifth grade classroom that had just done research projects on different people. Every student was to research a different person and then create a project that documented his/her life. This project used different textiles, mediums, and a giant poster-board to show off the students’ person. Within the clothing of their person, the student was required to incorporate pockets so facts and information could be placed inside. It instantly became an interactive poster that not only was super informative, but showed off kids’ creativity and personality.