Started from [Wacousta], Now Back Here

*cue Drake’s inevitable wisdom*

I am very thankful for this Saturday Morning. I am finally able to wrap my spinning head around this past week. All I can say that life is definitely a rollercoaster which can be terrifying at times, but overall – exciting.

For the past couple months, my income depended on which substitute teaching positions I landed that week. I knew this was not something I wanted to do all my life, but I had accepted the fact that one must start somewhere! Last Friday, I was playing the role of substitute teacher in one of my old high school classrooms when I was emailed by a previous teacher  – who now works in the Human Resource Department at my hometown school-district. The email was about an open Reading Teacher position at (go figure) my old elementary school.

Now I was hesitant with this position because of my limited reading instructional background since my degree is focused in mathematics and social studies. However, he was very confident that I would fit well within this position and wanted me to apply regardless. So I did.

I applied.

I finished the school-day.

I checked my voicemail.

I had an interview the following Monday.

Talk about a whirlwind of emotions! After my wonderful weekend, I showed up at the interview ready to go. I apparently knocked it out because the next day I was walking into Wacousta Elementary as the new Reading Teacher.

This past week has been a jumble of emotions. My position had not been completely finalized so they were unsure what specifically to do with me. There were schedule changes, location changes, and duty changes. In the wrong atmosphere, this would have been a nightmare. HOWEVER, the staff at Wacousta Elementary has been AMAZING – just as expected. I could not have asked for a better support and friendly faces that welcomed me back this week.

After a few location changes within the building I finally have my own space! The great thing about Wacousta is that they have moveable walls to create and modify spaces as needed. There are even rumors I will be getting my own desk (!!!)

As of right now, I will be working on reading skills with 2nd, 3rd, and 5th graders. I will also be doing some skills in remedial math with 5th graders. I have already met some amazing students and I am so very excited to be working with them for the rest of the year.

Also, how cool is it to be teaching where it all started?!

Wacousta Warrior for life ❤