The Wills and Wants of Sixth Graders

The first week of school went by in a blur. I cannot believe that I am sitting here in the middle of the third week already! Time really does fly by when you’re having fun, and fun is definitely something that I am having. It is hard NOT to have fun when I am surrounded by these sixth graders who are constantly cracking jokes, quirky comments, and keeping me on my toes to the random things they do throughout the day. I definitely do not have the same day twice.

These past two weeks have shown me some things about sixth grade and who these strange creatures (six graders) really are …

Sixth Graders Will:

  • laugh at anything referred to bowel movements, bodily functions, words that sound like such things, etc.
  • come into your class shouting, pushing, singing, and sometimes whipping and nae-naeing unless they have an incentive NOT to
  • become obsessed with things (ex: rubix cubes) and get their classmates to join in said obsession
  • say whatever they can to get a laugh from their neighbors
  • laugh at you – a lot!
  • tell you things that you don’t necessarily want to hear (who they’re dating, who they like, etc.)
  • question why you are teaching what you’re teaching – always have an answer
  • never forget if you offered them a reward or opportunity to do something

Sixth Graders Want:

  • to sit and work with their friends. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, why can’t they?
  • breaks from the classroom. I would too if I were sitting in these desks. Why not allow them to take a quick break to the drinking fountain as long as it is not a distracting time and they are not missing anything from the class period?
  • to listen to music. This keeps talking to a minimum because they want to be able to hear their jam! It also makes a great attention getter when you pause the music to address issues.
  • time to go outside. Take lessons outside and their willingness to complete an assignment grows.
  • their teacher to understand them. Taking the time to address issues with students show that you care about their learning and their success.

Overall, sixth graders can be wacky and very unexpected. This why I love this place in the Middle so much! I never have the same day and I never have a clue as to what tomorrow will bring. I am sure I will be adding to these two lists as time goes on and I learn more about these strange creatures I have found in the sixth grade 🙂