Substitute Teach – check!

CFehwBHUgAE0KddToday I had the great opportunity to substitute teach in a sixth grade class in my home district. Going in, I was incredibly nervous, but equally excited. I started right after lunchtime and the kids were preparing for a play they were putting on later that night, so the atmosphere was really upbeat. I was able to watch their dress rehearsal and see how proud they were to put on something that they have been working on for awhile now. I spent time outside with them at recess, talk to them about what they were reading, and what they were looking forward to.

Just after today, I learned a lot. I know what I need to work on and what I have room to improve on. I tested things that worked and did not work. That’s what teaching is though. You roll with the flow and keep changing things up until the rolling gets easier!

Even though they were not my students, I was not in my own classroom, or I was not able to practice my methods of teaching – this has definitely shown me that teaching is where I want to be!