My Place in the Middle

And just like that, I have officially completed the Middle Level Program at CMU.

IMG_6647I came into CMU knowing I wanted to teach — but teach who? It wasn’t until Dr. Norma Bailey came into my ‘Introduction to Education’ class that my eyes were opened. She talked about what it took to be a Middle Level Educator and how different middle schoolers were compared to high schoolers and elementary school students. She challenged us to observe in a middle school where we could learn first-hand whether or not middle school students could make or break us – so I did.


I observed at my old middle school – which just so happened to be my younger brother’s current school. I fell in love immediately. Just by observing during that week, I realized how funny young adolescents were and how great of a fit it was for me to work with them. I had to be a part of this Middle Level Program.

That decision has been the best decision I have made thus far in my life.


By being a part of this program these past two years, I have grown as a teacher, a student, and overall a human being. Dr. Norma Bailey has inspired me to stand strong to the values and beliefs that I cherish as a person and a teacher that I will forever hold on to. My fellow 27 other peers, quickly turned into friends and are now forever my family. Thank you to everyone who joined me in this journey and who supported me in finding my place in the Middle ❤