AMLE Conference

This past weekend I had the phenomenal opportunity to attend the national conference of the Association of Middle Level Education in Minneapolis, MN. I went with a group of my fellow pre-service middle level educators. These pre-service educators are in the Collegiate Middle Level Association I am proud to be a part of.


This national conference reaffirmed my decision to teach at the middle level. I was able to professionally develop with learning more on formative assessment, differentiated instruction, more strategies on classroom management, and other great things that I can carry with me to when I am in my own classroom.

Being at a national middle level conference made me able to meet principals, teachers, and other faculty of middle level education. I was able to bounce ideas of off many teachers that were in the field or had retired. Many times, I was mistaken for a veteran teacher that had many years of experience in my back pocket. That alone made me feel confident in that I do know what I am talking about when addressing my personal values and beliefs of middle level education and/or education in general.

I am very fortunate to have had this experience in order to make connections and network with different people among the field. It was a great way to gain more knowledge about middle level education that many may not receive by just sitting in a classroom at CMU. I am looking forward to the next AMLE conference in Nashville, TN next November!



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