Leadership Safari

The last two weeks of my summer were amazing!

I was able to be a part of a great leadership conference put on by CMU. This conference, Leadership Safari, takes incomming students and gives them a feel of CMU’s campus, traditions, and purpose. This purpose is shown through multiple guest keynote speakers, challenges, and service projects participants do throughout the five days the conference is ran. The part that I played in this experience was Safari Guide. As a guide, I had ten participants that I lead, facilitated, and debriefed the many activities and speakers we attended. Every Safari Guide is assigned an animal as their “team name”. I was team rhino!


Through this experience, I met so many people that I have grown strong relationships with. Not only with my participants, but with my fellow guides as well. I have also strengthened my facilitating skills and am more confident in directing people – which I can definitely take into the classroom. I was able to take notes from keynote speakers in order to create debriefing discussions afterward.


Along with broadening my skills, I learned many things regarding; motivation, diversity, and being true to yourself from the many speakers that attended.

Overall, I loved this experience that Leadership Safari offered. I am a better leader, facilitator, and overall a genuine person because I was able to be a part of this great community!



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