“Whatever you are, be a good one”

This summer, I have the great opportunity of working in the Teacher Education and College of Education Student Services department at Central Michigan University. There is a white board that is displayed in the office for inspirational quotes to be written on to brighten up our work days. Yesterday, I chose to put one of my favorite quotes on the board for all to see.

The quote I chose comes from my favorite historical figure, Abraham Lincoln. Though Lincoln has many historical quotes to his name, I chose my favorite; “Whatever you are, be a good one”.

What this quote means to me is that if you aspire to do or be something, make sure that you put your best self forward in order to become the best of whatever it is that you want to do or be. This is something that I can bring into the classroom because it is one of my beliefs and can share it with my students. This will hopefully inspire them to follow their dreams and put enough effort into it in order to become good at it.


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