Dream Job

At the beginning of the semester, we were asked what our dream job is. We then got into groups of four to share what our dream job is. For me, this was easy! I know exactly what my dream job is and hopefully can have it one day! When we shared in our groups I told them my dream job; becoming a successful middle school teacher who is able to inspire and encourage students to be the best that they can be! Two other girls in my group shared their dream job. I thought it would be similar to mine, seeing as we were in one of our methods courses and are all going into education. Their dream jobs, however, differed by a good margin. Their dream jobs were to become an editor of a fashion magazine and work in New York. My response was probably close to “Then why are you here?”

If your dream is different than education and changing lives of students, why are you going into education? Teaching should not be a job to just fall back on. Reasons for going into education should not be based around the common misconceptions of having summers off, only working til 4, having vacations throughout the year, and the other reasons that give teaching a bad name.

If a teacher does not want to be teaching and would rather be somewhere else, that not only affects the teacher, but the students and staff as well. Also, why would you go into anything but what your dream job is?

16 weeks later, I am still thinking about this comment, so you can see how strongly I feel about chasing your dreams. If teaching is not one of them, then do not become a teacher! Simple as that.


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