Collegiate Middle Level Association at CMU

These past two semesters have been phenomenal in the making of my future middle-level educator self. I not only became a part of CMLACMU, but I was brought into a family as well. Out of the teacher education RSOs I had tested out, I was starting to lose hope of finding one I thoroughly enjoyed. After I signed my Middle Level minor, Norma Bailey spoke to me of CMLACMU and I took a chance. That chance was one of the best decisions I have made this year.

CMLACMU is an organization of pre-service teachers who want to specifically teach at the middle-level. What most people do not understand is young adolescents need to be taught differently. They are at a time in their lives that they are questioning who they are, where they fit in, what life is really about, and making sure they are not being judged every day. This requires a specific kind of teacher and teaching philosophy.

Being a part of this group of people means that I am constantly reaffirmed that becoming a middle-level teacher was the best decision of my life. It is such a joy that every other Wednesday I am able to spend a few hours with my peers who share the same ideas, values, and beliefs as me.


More recently, I have become Public Relations Director of CMLACMU. This is a great opportunity to connect the world with CMLACMU. This involves running the @cmlacmu account, video tapping meetings for members who may have missed, and keeping CMLA updated with the fast-paced world. I am looking forward to beginning this next chapter of my CMLACMU experience and can only imagine how great of an experience it will be.


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