My Last Day

Today was my last day in my host classroom of my pre-student teaching experience. It was a bittersweet day that I was not expecting. These fifth graders that I have had the great opportunity of getting to know these past weeks have grown on me. I was able to get to know their backgrounds and what their favorite things to do were.

It took time for some students to open up, but I feel as that I grew on them as well. These students were able to share things with me that were bothering them that they were unable to share with their teacher. I was flattered that they trusted me with giving me certain information.

At the end of the day, I announced to them that it was my last time being with them and many of these students vocalized how upset they were. I was so touched! One student who had trouble opening up to me in the beginning yelled to my host teacher saying, “Awww! Can’t we hire her so she can stay?!?” That’s when I realized you never know the affect you may have on a person.

This overall experience was a great one. I am hoping to see these kids again because I want only the best for them! I already miss them.


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