LTTT Conference

The Learn Today, Teach Tomorrow Conference was held this past Saturday, April 6, on CMU’s campus. It was smaller than the MAMSE conference I attended in early March, but still had valuable information all the same!

I attended two sessions by presenter, Heath Nestle. He is a middle school teacher at Shepard Middle School. He spoke about inspiring students and motivating them to be engaged in their learning. It was a great insight in how to reach out to students that just don’t want to be in the classroom and school setting.

I also attended a session about obtaining a teaching position. I went into this session thinking that it would give my valuable information on what was to come – which it did. I did not realize how quickly my future teaching career is sneaking up on me. I have 4 more semesters at CMU until my student teaching and that scares me! Although I am so excited to be in my own classroom with my own students, the thought of it is super nerve racking.

The last session I attended was how to keep students engaged in Social Studies. This was interesting and I came away with many ideas in how to implement interesting lessons and “props” in my social studies classroom. Being a history major, I am super excited for this 🙂

Overall, I think the conference went great! I do not understand why teachers complain about having to go to these conferences in their continuing education because I have enjoyed them. I am excited about going into teaching and I think that teachers nowadays loose site of the excitement they once had. For me, I will always keep that close to me.


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