My First Lessons

So this week, I ‘manned’ up and faced my 5th graders that I have grown close to these past few weeks. I was to teach two lessons during my pre-student teaching experience and they just so happened to fall during the same week – this week. 
My first one, on Monday, was a science lesson. Now because science is my least favorite subject, I barely knew the material. Not only was I aware of how unprepared I was, my students were too. LESSON #1 – make sure you know the content thoroughly! I ended up telling a student the wrong information and he called me out on it. It’s all good though, I laughed it off and just said whooops! They still love me. 

My second one, which I did today, was math. For this lesson, I decided to play a game that reviewed multiplying fractions – which what they have been working on for a week now. The game went over really well. I incorporated number talks into it as well to further engage students. The game went over so well that students became over competitive and got upset when they did not earn a point during that round. For the next time I do this activity, I will have the students grouped off into teams like today, but have their points go for one side of the room. This way, points are divided among 2 sides instead of 11 different groups. 

Either way, I survived and had a great experience 🙂


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